Meet Matthew B. Chase, DMD

Dentistry is personal: I get to create positive change for people. Sometimes that means eliminating pain and sometimes that means recreating an entire smile. I love being able to do all these small, personal tooth projects for people, and improve each person’s quality of life. I especially like taking something that is broken down and making it better: not perfect, but better.

I am most passionate about caring about the whole person. Yes, as a dentist I specifically work on teeth, but as a colleague told me years ago, there is always a person attached to each tooth.

I like helping people. It’s a simple statement, but true. I also like getting to know the people I help. Working and living in a smaller town is great, because I really do get to know each person. I like that I see and am in contact with patients and their families through the years. I enjoy hearing about their latest travels and interests, and enjoy being able to talk with each on a first-name basis. I also like (hope) that they are comfortable conversing with me on a first name basis, too.

I appreciate that each of my patients trusts me enough to enter their personal space to help them. That makes me feel better.

The Practice

At Silverton Family Dentistry, we care. We care about each person, we care about their oral and overall health, we care about their comfort and quality of life, we care about what they want. We strive to ensure each person feels safe, knows they are heard and respected, and understands that we care enough to always do what is right for them.


Growing up in Canby, I knew I wanted to work in healthcare. It took me a while to discover, though, that dentistry was the perfect fit for me. I attended Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology. Next came dental school, at Oregon Health & Science University, where I received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine in 2002.

Dentistry is a constantly advancing field and, as a general dentist, my knowledge base needs to be wide. Throughout the years I have pursued a broad variety of continuing education (CE), to stay current on the latest innovations and trends. I have specifically enjoyed recent courses in cosmetic and implant dentistry. That said, sometimes the best treatment decision I make is when I refer a patient to a specialist, knowing they need a higher level of care than what I can provide. CE helps me determine what is best for each person.

Through CE, I also stay informed about the latest materials and techniques. However, I am careful not to introduce any changes until they are proven to be an upgrade over existing options.

I am a member of the American and Oregon Dental Associations, the Marion Polk Dental Society, and Capitol Study Club, which is a Seattle Study Club affiliate. These organizations offer multiple avenues for me to learn, which constantly improves the level of care I can provide.

Beyond the Practice

Away from work, much of my time is spent with my family in our Silverton home. My wife Rebecca is a special education teacher and we have two children: Spencer, who was born in 2004, and Makayla, who was born in 2007. We also have two dogs, Maia and Remi, and a cat, Mittens.

My passions beyond family? Being outside, playing tennis and golf, camping and road trips, Land Cruisers, and, of course, LEGOs. I am a huge LEGO nut — an AFOL, for those into it. I have sets on display at work and at home, and have an annual family LEGO build night each year. It’s a little out of control, but it’s also a great way to spend quality time with my kids.